“We own several of George’s works of art — all stunning — from bowls to skateboards to wall sculptures. Every piece is unique and exceptional, and they all speak to us. George created a custom-designed piece for a large wall in our living room, and it serves as an exquisite focal point. We pass by many times a day and never fail to note how beautifully the light changes the work. Like all of George’s art, it has mesmerizing soul. We are honored to have George Peterson’s talent shining in our home.”
— Dave and Eileen Marshall

“To own a work by George Peterson is to own a moment in time that is fully experienced. 

George’s pieces are not newly born. They have suffered and recovered and revealed their strength. They remind us that wear and tear are still beautiful in the experiencing.”
— RK Young

“My partner and I bought one of George’s skateboard sculptures — one completely broken in half lengthwise down the middle, and nicely “aged” by the artist to introduce ripples along the break. We display it on our screen porch, where we spend a great deal of our time. The rough honesty of the piece is appropriate for this setting. There is a yin-yang aspect: primarily black on one side, primarily white on the other. It is a good, strong, vertical element in the space, and the worn surfaces of the work — the crackled paint finishes, exposed wood on the rippled edge — introduce the same property of aging that gardeners know well in their outdoor spaces. Thus it is an excellent bridge between inside and outside, which this room was designed to frame.”

— Kay Webb